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Planning Newsletter SPECIAL

Help us develop our New Local Plan to shape growth over the next 15 years

We want your feedback on the Local Plan, a vital document to help shape the district over the coming decades.

What is it?

The Local Plan is a document that sets out how much development we will need to plan for and where it should be located. It will also identify green spaces to protect and enhance, as well as what infrastructure - such as schools - is needed to support growth.

Why do we need a Local Plan?

Growth and development in the district is inevitable, so a long-term Local Plan helps decide on planning applications and other planning decisions.

A Local Plan is a guide to what can be built, where it can be built and shaping infrastructure investment, as well as the future patterns of development in the district.

What's covered in the Consultation?

This consultation is designed to get your feedback on all areas of the Local Plan document, and what you say will better inform us on where our new growth goes and the services and facilities needed for sustainable growth. You know your area best, which is why we value your input.

Three main areas are focused on in the consultation document:

  • Options for the broad location of future development in the district
  • Sites promoted to the Council by landowners, developers and site promoters for built development
  • Initial information about the main policies expected to be included in the Local Plan.

Local Plan Consultation - In Numbers

  • 68 - The consultation document is 68 pages. We recommend that you set aside approximately one hour so you can digest its contents
  • 32 - There are 32 questions in this consultation. You do not have to answer every question, but please tell us which question(s) you are answering in your consultation response
  • 2023 - We are aiming to adopt the new Local Plan in 2023.
  • 15 years – This new Local Plan should look ahead at least 15 years from the date that it is finished

The Consultation is now open to view and respond to. Please use the link below to find the consultation document, a non-technical summary and details on how to send in your views. Local Plan Consultation

Posted: Thu, 28 Jan 2021 13:42 by Les Phillimore

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