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Cosby Sleigh 2020 Review

Cosby Sleigh 2020 Review

Grateful and heartfelt thanks from Jim Fitzpatrick to the entire Cosby Sleigh team, you know who you are: -

Rob, David and the maintenance team

Santa Claus

Moz, Graham and Eddy, John and Pete.

Paul and Jason

Roger and Rob

Thanks to Katie who ran the media side and did all the posters and put it all on social media and around the village.

Thanks to Ann for sorting the online giving page. At present it was standing at £1,068

A total of £1,600+ over the 3 days was collected. £538.44 in cash. A credit to the people of Cosby

Both the Cosby Crafters (Yarn Bomb) and the Cosby Sleigh charity collection received an unexpected cash donation from the Bulls Head, a gesture that Jim would like to see noted

Posted: Thu, 31 Dec 2020 16:41 by Les Phillimore

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